Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Personal Income Goal for March 2017

My husband is the full-time breadwinner in this house and for the most part everything I've brought in has always been supplementary. In the past I put just about every cent I earned toward paying off our debt. We're debt-free now! This year I'd like to change my income from supplementary to full-time. I've set a goal to increase my personal monthly income each month by $250.

This month my goal is to make $500.00 to put into our emergency savings fund.

How I Plan to Make An Extra $500.00 

1.) Breast milk - I pump, freeze, and then ship my excess breast-milk to a biomedical company in Oregon. They pay me $1.00/oz. I just shipped out over 600 ounces a couple of weeks ago. It takes up to 90 days to actually get paid so I haven't received the cash yet but when I do it will be going straight into savings.

2.) Captioning - I'm going to try out a captioning job on Rev.com that I heard about from The Work at Home Wife.

[If you don't already read Angie Nelson's blog I urge you to check it out. She is amazing. I brought in an extra $268.50 last month doing data entry work thanks to a job lead I found out about in her newsletter.]

3.) Surveys-  I plan to take more surveys on and further promote my favorite survey site MintVine. I've made $113.89 since joining!  Check out this screenshot of my point breakdown below.

[Come back later for my full review or click here to join MintVine today via my referral link.]

4.) Writing - I'll be pitching some content ideas to a few websites I like and picking up some work through low-paying content mills to fill in the gaps as I continue to secure higher-paying clients.

Many people set savings goals but I don't know many who set income goals. For us, the two go hand in hand because we are such a large family and our money is all tied up in bills and child-rearing. In order to save more, we must first make more. Send me positive vibes as I work to bring in $500.00 for March.

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  1. Wow you are a hustler and it looks like you are doing awesome. Thanks for the tips and I'm definitely going to check out MintVine!!!


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